Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Field Trip Day

After some last minute cutting and sanding in the workshop yesterday I went down to The Rooms for my weekly visit. A couple pieces are getting close to the antiquing and finishing stages. I always take lots of photos of the artifacts, so that I can print them out and use them to take notes. As I get more engulfed in the project and familiar with the artifacts I can rely on my memory a bit more, but at this point, I have so many reproductions on the go that if I don't write it down, or mark the cuts directly on the reproductions I'll forget what needs to be done. That's part of the reason for the frequent visits as well, I need to get familiar with the artifacts.

After the trip to The Rooms I swung by the house and picked up Lori and we went for a quick visit to the Signal Hill archaeology dig. Our friend Amanda is the Field School instructor and we didn't want to miss our chance to visit the site. This is the last week that they are digging at the site and everything is exposed. Today and Thursday are the last days to see the pits uncovered - Friday is a backfilling day.

At this point the digging is pretty much over, but the mapping, profiling, and photography are in full swing. Archaeology is a destructive process - once you excavate an area you can't go back and re-excavate it, so its very important that you record everything the first time. I love mapping. Its probably the thing I miss most about fieldwork. Finding the stuff is cool, but its a little passive. If its in the ground and you are digging carefully, you'll spot the artifacts. Mapping is a little more interactive.

The Signal Hill dig is an early 19th Century barracks. One of the most striking features that they have exposed is the large footing for a fireplace. If you have a chance to visit Signal Hill over the next day or two, the dig is definitely worth seeing in person. If not, check out their blog - its been hopping this summer and has tonnes of stories and photos from the summer. There are lots of artifact pictures as well.

Photo Credits: Tim Rast

Photo Captions:
Top, Parks Reproductions and paperwork in progress
Second, Lori and Amanda at Amanda's Signal Hill Archaeology Field School
Third, Paperwork under the watchfull eye of Cabot Tower
Fourth, Drawing a Stratigraphic Profile.

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