Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cobble, Cobble

Today is one of those days cobbled together from bits and pieces.

This morning I was at a Craft Council executive meeting at Devon House.

Currently, I'm the Past chair of the executive, Janet Davis is the Chair, Brenda Stratton is the vice-chair, Mary Hood is the Secretary, Christine LeGrow is the Past Treasurer and Kim Marshall is the Treasurer. Its a good bunch and meetings this time of year can't help but revolve around budgets and finances. The organization's budget is staggeringly large and the vast majority of the income is generated by the Craft Council itself. Comparatively, our outside funding is a small, although still vitally important, component.

I walked home from the meeting, which means that I don't have to get on the treadmill today, which frees up some time to deal with surprise e-mails. I need to make a new sign to go with my product in The Rooms giftshop, and I should send some product photos to the folks on the hill for their online buyers guide. Don't think I'll get to that today, though.

This afternoon I'm working on my taxes again. I'm hoping for a refund and Lori is hoping to get the dining room table back so her mom has a place to have a cup of tea when she arrives sometime this afternoon.

I also have a couple of hours worth of computer work on a mapping contract that I'm desperately trying to get off my plate. There seems to be some problem with the CDs that I've been mailing my work on. I'm going to try burning the files to DVDs and I'll probably go buy a memory stick as well. I think the solution to this problem is going to have to be complete overkill. I'm going to cram as many file formats and media options as I can into an Expresspost envelope and boot it out the door.

If there is one aspect of archaeology that makes me miss doing more fieldwork its definitely the mapping. I suppose that reproducing sites through maps keeps me entertained the same way that reproducing artifacts through flintknapping does.

Caption: Evolution of a map from grubby field drawing to clean CorelDRAW image.


  1. Hey Tim!
    Happy to find your blog- quite a great job of plugging mine! I've had my blog for years, and you're already doing interesting things with yours that i don't know how to do yet... what's with that?

  2. Hey Janet - thanks! - I'm basically just copying your site, but with a black background. The first thing Lori said when she saw mine was "Janet's has a slideshow."

    What things are you wondering about doing?


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