Friday, June 15, 2012

Labret and Fieldwork

Broken to match the artifact
This is the time of year when I put the blog on autopilot and head north to do fieldwork.  I cut things so close with filling orders this year that I don't have a big archive of scheduled posts built up, but I'll try to at least get a photo or two put up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  For now, these are the finished reproductions of the labret from Cape Krusenstern.  The last time I blogged about these pieces, they were still unfinished.  At that time I found them very uncomfortable and sharp, but since then I've worked them down a little more and softened the edges and they really weren't that uncomfortable afterall.

Jet Labret - They are made from a type of coal.  I used Lignite in the reproductions, but cannel coal was more likely used for the original artifact.
Photo Credits: Tim Rast

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